GRAFTON, Wis. (WFRV) – After a 7-year-old in Wisconsin reported that a man offered him candy to leave with him while at Costco, police are now investigating the circumstances.

According to the Grafton Police Department, on April 7 around 12 p.m., a report came in about an unknown man who allegedly approached a child in a Costco bathroom. The man allegedly offered the child candy if he left with him.

Authorities say the parents of the 7-year-old child reported that the man approached their son while he was in the bathroom. The child reportedly told his mother that while he was washing his hands at the sink, he heard a man’s voice say something like, ‘If you come with me, I’ll give you some candy, but you’ll have to keep it secret.’

The police report said the child did not talk to the man, never saw him and was never touched by him. The boy left the bathroom and told his mom about the alleged incident about 20 minutes later.

When police spoke with the child, he could not give a description of the man and affirmed that he only heard the man’s voice. Authorities say that Costco is fully cooperating with police and provided over two hours of video for investigators to review.

This case remains under investigation; our investigators are working with Coscto management and our DA’s office through appropriate and legal means to identify any persons who were seen on video entering or exiting the restroom before and at the same time the child was in the restroom.

Grafton Police Chief Jeff Caponera

Caponera also said this was the only incident that was reported to the police. He mentioned that the department is aware of a comment on social media alleging a young girl was approached on the same day at Costco.

Police say that is inaccurate, and there were no other similar reports.