Police say that two children who attend Eisenhower Elementary in Green Bay ate some marijuana during recess on Tuesday.

According to police, a school staff member approached discovered that a second grader had an empty bag that smelled like marijuana, the school then notified the police.

“We called the parents, they came down to the school right away and decided to take the kids to the hospital to see their doctor,” said LT. Jeff Brester of the Green Bay Police Department.

Police believe it was raw marijuana and not an edible like a brownie.

Local 5 learned that the kids will be just fine and now the investigation will seek to find out how these children came into possession of the drug, police say charges may be filed, but first they have to find out who’s responsible.

“We are working with child protective services because obviously it’s alarming,” said Brester. “Finding marijuana in a high school is pretty common, middle school is less common, but it is pretty rare to find marijuana in an elementary school.”

Local 5 contacted the Green Bay School District who had no comment citing students have a right privacy and confidentiality, the district sent out a letter to parents today.

Police say the school district has been helpful in their investigation and that they ask staff to continue to be vigilant in these types of situations.