Police investigate rampage at Lambeau

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Eyewitness to Friday’s rampage, Robert Baskin, used to work with the suspect.

Police say he targeted a former co-worker whom he had an altercation with weeks ago before he was fired.

Friday at the police station the suspect filed a complaint about his alleged unfair firing from a contracted food service group at Lambeau.

Twenty minutes later, Baskin says this is what happened:

“He starts ramming him right behind me. I move my truck out the way and I just see his car go flying right of that that SUV. He keeps going, he just rams right under him and keeps going.”

Once the victim was able to escape his vehicle the situation escalated and the suspect gained access to an area that is usually secure.

“The suspect was in his vehicle chasing the victim that was on foot and he chased him down into the loading dock area,” says Captain Andrew Smith with Green Bay police. “If you’re familiar with that area loading dock has a big steel armor that raises and lowers. While they were moving trucks in and out of there, that arm was temporarily up, that’s how he was able to gain access to that private security area down there.”

The victim has been interrogated and authorities say they believe this is an isolated incident, but they are not sitting by idly.

“We’ll work with law-enforcement and our own security department and our own contractor groups to review protocols and review operations of the stadium,” says Packers public affairs director Aaron Popkey. “That’s something that we do on a regular basis with our organization and many other organizations. It’s just a matter of how we look through those things.”

If you’re planning to attend tomorrow’s game police say there’s no reason to be concerned.

“Obviously this is going to be a topic of discussion for us tomorrow, but nothing is going to happen,” says Chief Smith. “And I can assure you tomorrow’s going to be as safe as any other game at Lambeau.”

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