SHIOCTON, Wis. (WFRV) – A local bar and banquet hall in Outagamie County is officially closed for business as of Tuesday.

River Rail Bar & Banquet Hall in Shiocton wrote on Facebook its plans to shut down permanently, citing the owner’s retirement.

A staple in the Shiocton community, River Rail Bar & Banquet Hall was family-owned and operated since 1983. With sports decor, the business also featured an outdoor tiki bar for locals to enjoy the nice weather while having their favorite cocktails.

“First and most importantly, thank you for an amazing 40 years of business here in the awesome community of Shiocton,” wrote River Rail Bar & Banquet Hall on its Facebook Page.

Officials are reminding the community that although the bar is closed, several different events will continue as planned throughout the year.

“If you had a wedding or party booked with us, we are still planning to host your event. One more time, we are still planning to host your event,” says the bar.

The Fall Craft Fair for October is another event that will continue as planned at River Rail Bar & Banquet Hall.

Officials with the bar say if you have a gift card with a balance remaining, you have 60 days to send a self-addressed envelope to N5081 Pine Court, Shiocton, WI, 54170.

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The property is currently for sale and the owner is actively seeking anyone interested in buying the bar and restaurant.

“We truly had some amazing employees. Thank you for coming in and treating this place like it was your own. All of your hard work never went unrecognized,” explained the bar.

For more information on the River Rail Bar & Banquet Hall closing, you can check out their Facebook post here.