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Popular Sister Bay Resort Placed on the Market

SISTER BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Sister Bay's Little Sister Resort has operated for over 100 years, and the last 40 or so of those have been under the watchful eyes of the Sunstrom and Luber families.

"My dad bought it on a whim, really," Martha Luber Pelrine, daughter of Fred Luber and co-owner of the resort said. "I mean, he was the kind of guy who loved big projects and didn't necessarily think about after he bought it, like he didn't tell my mom, but it worked out great."

It worked out, in part due to Fred's partnership with Greg "Fuzzy" Sunstrom.

"Fred passed away a couple years ago, and I says, it's a great thing when you've been partners for 40 year and you're still the best of friends," Fuzzy said.

But now, with the next generation too busy to take the reigns of the resort, both families are ready to move on.

Tom Fisk, the Real Estate Agent behind the listing says that it's becoming a pattern among Door County's family-owned resorts.

"If there's not a second or third generation that wants to take over, then the family does want to move in at some point," Fisk said. "Operating these resorts is a very full time job, and I think people, at some point, they've decided to look at other careers. It's truly a lifestyle."

It's a lifestyle these families will continue with until they find a buyer for the resort, as the destination remains popular in Door County even after all the years that have gone by.

But when the right people come along, Martha says they are truly ready to pass on the business.

"It's time to move on," she said. "It's time for someone else to make this their home."

Little Sister Resort and Fred and Fuzzy's Restaurant are listed together at $4.95 million. Pebble Beach is listed at $3.6 million for a combined price of $8.55 million.

For more information on the listing, click here.

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