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As the temperatures rise, so does the boating activity on area waterways. The water is certainly inviting, but boaters must be aware of dangers that can be found in the Bay of Green Bay, and the Fox River.

While encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves on the water, Port of Green Bay officials say boaters need to pay attention to what’s happening on the water.

“There should always be a designated lookout,” said Dean Haen, director for the Port of Green Bay. “There are many obstacles on, or below, the water that don’t necessarily appear on GPS and need to be located visually.”

These include, but aren’t limited to, man-made spoil areas like Renard Island, cleanup barges, navigational buoys, swimmers and other watercraft. High water levels could also hide navigational hazards that are normally visible.

Haen also says safety should be a focus for boaters, and has some additional reminders:

· Carry an approved Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) for each person on board

· Always travel at a safe speed and slow down when you see the signs for the Fox River Cleanup Project equipment

· Follow all buoys, markers and signs and pay attention to the “No Wake” areas on the river

· Do not mix boating with alcohol or drugs

· Be respectful of the rights of everyone on and near the water

By following the rules of safe boating, and exercising good judgment, we can have a safe summer for boating on the Fox River and the Bay of Green Bay.

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