Four postal workers’ unions joined together for protests across the country on Monday, including in Allouez, to let lawmakers know that they do not want the United States Postal Service to be privatized. 

Postal worker union members in Allouez said that the USPS is reliable for all Americans and provides a good living for employees, a mission that they believe would change if it went private. 

“If they privatize it, no one is gonna pay a regular worker, along with benefits, possibly what we’re making,” Marcia Welninski, a city postal carrier, said. “There’s going to be interruption in service, and now let’s look at the rural areas, the smaller areas, where it’s not profitable to deliver. Who’s going to service these people? We take care of every single house throughout the United States six days a week. A private company will not find that profitable.”

The USPS is also one of the largest employers of military veterans. 

The postal workers’ union said that in recent months, the words and actions from President Donald Trump indicate that he wants to privatize the United States Postal Service. 

“Our message today…it’s to provide information to the general public that this service that they’ve welcomed and have been use to for generations is at risk,” Patrick Vanegeren, union president of the NALC Titletown Branch 619, said. 

Postal union members said that they have hope with House Resolution 993, which is a hipartisan show of support from U.S. representatives that they will do everything in their power to keep the USPS as a federal entity. 

The postal union members want to see Representative Mike Gallagher become a co-sponsor of hte resolution, and they marched outside his Green Bay office on Monday to remind him.

“Mike Gallagher has been invited to attend many different union functions for us to talk, he has yet to accept any of our invitations which is sad, in a way, if you think about it.” Welninski said. “This is very important, not only to postal workers, but I’ve actually had people walk up to me today here on the street and say, ‘What are you doing here?’ and I’ve explained it to them, gave them our talking points, and they thanked me because they didn’t realize this was such a big thing. I would like Mike Gallagher to realize that we are not for sale, and please sign on with us.”  

In a statement sent to Local 5, Mike Gallagher said, “The United States Postal Service carries out a vital service for people across the country and Northeast Wisconsin—particularly in our rural communities where people often have no other mail-service alternative. I am currently considering a variety of proposals focused on improving the USPS’ finances and services to ensure its future success.”