GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFR) While Wisconsin remains on track with vaccinations some groups still fall behind in getting the shot.

One local organization is working to help get more people of color to vaccination sites.

Anne Boladeano says, “I got the shot to save my life my life to save the life of my family members.”

However, unlike Anne, many in communities of color have not received the vaccination, and chairs at vaccination clinics remain largely empty.

Laura Jones, outreach coordinator with African H Heritage says, “We know that there’s a lack of mistrust with the healthcare system and so we want to dismantle that and just bring the true facts and knowledge about the vaccine.”

In addition to reluctance, getting to vaccination clinics remains a hurdle for black and brown communities so Prevea Health along with African Heritage and the YWCA held a ‘Get the Shot’ event.

Dr. Ashok Rai, President and CEO of Prevea Health says, “We set up transportation for those who didn’t have it and let’s bring the needle closer to arm instead of the arm to the needle and this is one of our first public events to do that.”

Jones adds, “To encourage people, the black and African-American community to get the shot, provide education. COVID-19 covid is definitely attacking the black and African-American communities. We’re one of the top groups that covid has been affecting.

There are disparities in how COVID-19 affects communities of color according to the Wisconsin DHS.

Blacks especially have a 2.1 greater hospitalization rate compared to whites.

Dr. Rai says, “For the last year we’ve seen that our black and brown communities have on a percentage basis been affected significantly higher for a variety of reasons.”

Boladeano says, “I have an elderly mother who lives in the household with me and it was important for me to make sure that she is safe. Come on people let’s get the shot to save our lives.”