CENTER, Wis. (WFRV) – Some people in the Outagamie town of Center are upset over a proposed fertilizer facility.

A company called New Ag Services is proposing to build a fertilizer blending plant in Center which has left residents with some worries.

Clint Wogernese, a resident of Center says, “Our concerns are the environmental concerns mainly and then also the additional traffic that’s gonna be incoming and outgoing from this facility.”

A proposal estimates up to 40 trucks a day would visit this proposed facility and Center’s Chairman Toby Paltzer says it’s necessary to support this heavily agricultural town. “The plant we have here at Center valley here isn’t going to produce fertilizer anymore so we need a plant in this area for all the farmers. In the town of Center we have a lot of large farms, there are eight or nine big farms and they require a lot of fertilizer.”

The proposed fertilizer facility would be a couple of hundred yards in front of Wogernese’s home. “We’ve all been out here anywhere from a couple of years and we all feel that we’re not getting the clarity from the business owners on what their plans are for future growth with the facility.”

Paltzer says the proposed site is strategically placed because of its proximity to future customers. “That’s one of the reasons it’s located in this area, because of all the big large farms and we have a lot of small farms all over.”

The owners of New Ag Services declined to comment and the town of Center will vote on this proposed facility Monday night. If approved the proposal moves on to Outagamie County.