FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WFRV) The issue of facemasks is a divisive issue across the nation and right here in our state.

Wisconsin is one of eighteen states without a facemask requirement.

Outagamie, Marinette, and Dane counties currently have some sort of face mask mandate.

As COVID-19 numbers jump, many residents are split on the issue of facemasks.

Local Five reached out to the community.

One viewer who has recovered from COVID-19 says facemasks should be worn because its a matter or life or death.

Sean Skenadore says, “Once they get sick, they’ll realize what they should have done, but it could have been too late. Everyone has a right to choose what they chose to do.”

Others don’t think masks offer protection and create more panic.

Sean Dalemont says, “If you truly want to stop the mitigation of the spread you need an N95 mask and a face shield. There’s medical evidence to support that. I believe the masks are creating more fear, perpetuating more fear than anything.”

In Green Bay, a committee failed to agree on whether face masks should be worn in public but the city could revisit this issue in their July 21st city council meeting.

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