Pulaski Holds Fundraiser for Preble Coach’s Wife Battling Cancer

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An update on a story we first covered in November.

A beloved Preble basketball coach talked to Local 5 about his wife’s battle with cancer.

Almost two months ago Preble High School held a fundraiser for the family when Pulaski played on their turf.

Tuesday the two teams played again and Pulaski returned the favor.

“We’re doing this for our community, for Robin and the Doell family who not only is a part of our school, but has been a part of our lives since we can remember,” says event organizer Lindsey Przybylski.

Girls’ basketball coach Jim teaches at Pulaski, but coaches at Preble.

In November Preble held a fundraiser for the family when the two teams played one another.

They met again and Pulaski followed suit.

Robin has since had a second surgery to remove cancer from her brain.

While some of the cancer remains doctors say it is no longer growing.

“The difficult part is just seeing the struggles that my wife has to go through with her movement, she lost her movement through brain cancer,” says Jim. “And just seeing some of the struggles of such an active person. “Your life can change in such a hurry and hers definitely changed for her overnight.”

But Jim says the support they’ve received from the Preble and Pulaski communities has been amazing.

“It’s not necessarily Preble versus Pulaski, it’s the families that they’ve affected,” says another event organizer Kelly Logue. ‘It means so much to the communities that they’ve left a legacy with so it’s very powerful to see all these people come out for such an important family.”

The Doell’s have had to make some adjustments.

That’s why every raffle ticket, t-shirt bought and encouraging message means so much.

“It’s been a difficult ride but we try to stay as positive as possible as a family,” says Jim. “My daughters have been awesome taking care of their mother each and every day, taking time away from school and things that normal kids their age are doing.”

All the support is just a way to say thank you to a family that means so much.

If you’d like to help support the family you still can using the family’s donation page: https://www.gofundme.com/robin-steiner-doell-medical-funds.

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