PULASKI, Wis. (WFRV) – For the first time, Pulaski Community School District officials spoke publicly about threats the district has received over the last week.

“Our main priority is just trying to keep our students safe everyday and trying to keep things as normal as possible,” said Pulaski Community School District Superintendent Allison Space.

Her comments came at the end of the regularly scheduled Pulaski school board meeting on Wednesday night inside the library at the high school.

There have been two bomb threats at Pulaski High School in the last week. District officials evacuated high school students to the middle school while law enforcement officers looked for threats at the school. In both instances, officers found no explosive devices.

An Oconto County official told Local Five News that Pulaski Community School District officials are scheduled to go through a county-administered Active Shooter Hostile Event Response (ASHER) training in October. The district had this scheduled before the bomb threats happened this week.

Local Five News has learned that the bomb threats are in response to allegations against a Pulaski High School teacher that he directed students to his personal social media accounts which contained inappropriate content.

In a statement posted to the district’s website, Space said that they were aware of the negative publicity surrounding this teacher which she said was fueled by those who opposed the teacher’s individual life choices.

“The District has obtained no evidence to support the statements that the teacher has engaged in any ‘grooming’ behavior, nor have we obtained any evidence that the teacher has directed students to any social media sites the teacher maintains,” wrote Space in the statement. “Likewise, there is no evidence that the teacher has created or distributed pornography of any type to any students or within the school community in any capacity. Nor is there any evidence that the teacher has been involved in the creation or distribution of pornography in any context.” 

Pulaski police department officials said the investigation into the bomb threats remains active. School district officials said in a statement that in collaboration with law enforcement they’ve worked hard to make sure that all the district buildings are safe and secure and encourage parents to send their kids to school.

“Talk with your kids, if you need help talking with your kids talk with us we can get you more resources and pointed in the right direction,” said Space. “Remind your kids to be vigilant if they see something they should say something.”

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