Pyro Up And Walking; Community Raises More Than $30,000 For His Medical Expenses

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Pyro, the Green Bay Police Department’s K-9 who was stabbed by a suspect during a police response, is now up and walking, and a myriad of supporters have donated more than $30,000 to cover his medical bills. 

Pyro is slowly recovering, but he has a long road ahead of him.

“The fact that he’s able to sit, stay, and walk under his own power is very hopeful, I mean that’s very good to see,” Captain Jeremy Muraski with the Green Bay Police Department said. “He’s still not quite out of the woods. They did repair his esophagus surgically, still have to wait and see how things happen with the formation of scar tissue, and the hope is that he continues to grow in strength, that’s he’s able to take in fluids and eventually, you know hopefully when he heals enough take in solid foods again.” 

Captain Muraski said Pyro has been nominated for two medals in the police department: one for heroism and another for being wounded in the line of duty. 

Community members have been dropping off checks and cash to the Green Bay Police Department for Pyro’s recovery costs. 

A married couple started a fundraiser on Facebook, with all proceeds directed at the Bark N’ Blue Foundation, which will then be donated to Pyro’s medical expenses. 

“They’re just nice people that were in their car, it’s a husband and wife team, they were talking in their car and said ‘we want to do something’ and made a ‘let’s try to raise a thousand dollars for Pyro and see what we can do,” Heather Heil, founder of the Bark N’ Blue Foundation, explained. 

As of Tuesday, an anonymous donor gave $5,000 to Pyro’s medical costs. 

The leftover funds after Pyro’s medical expenses are covered will go to buying truama kits for all seven K-9 units at the Green Bay Police Department. Each truama kit is about $325, and items like the quikclot device can expire. 

Pyro’s handler had the one trauma kit with him, and the quikclot device inside it kepy Pyro alive until first responders could rush him to an animal hospital.

“I guarantee you at the end of this, all seven squads will have this truama kit in their car through these donations,” Heil affirmed. “They keep moving forward and there’s so much generosity, and people want to take care of that investment that we have so diligently loved and cared for.”

Over on Velp Avenue, a business called Global Recognition, Inc. designed t-shirts for adults and children that support the Green Bay Police’s K-9 fund.

They’ve already received 750 orders for shirts…from all over the country. 

“We’ve received just about every state has reached out at this point and there are individuals all over, following this story,” Nicole Grieger with Global Recognition, Inc. explained. 

T-shirts can be ordered until April 22nd. 

There will also be a fundraiser this Thursday in Suamico at Bark & Brew from 5-8 p.m. to raise money for Pyro. 

“Just knowing that basically the whole city, and the region has your back and is supporting you in that is just tremendous,” Captain Muraski added. “It’s unbelievable.”

To see more of Pryo’s recovery, click through the pictures in the gallery below.

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