QComp: A robotics powerhouse in Greenville

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A house of innovators specializing in robotics.
And as recently as 15 years ago, that was not even the focus.

“The owner back then just saw it as a potential growth market, and we’ve been accelerating at it ever since,” said Greg Whitney, vice president of engineering at QComp in Greenville.

Now, they are expanding the workshop by 7,500sq.ft. 
So this think-tank of engineers can keep developing technologies that are used in factories throughout the country.

“We do everything from design, to build, to test, and then we ship and go to the end user, and install,” said Whitney.

From putting lids on wet wipes to racking glass at window factories–all of these are QComp originals.
And its machines fill jobs that companies have trouble hiring for due to how intensive and monotonous they can be.

“People don’t want to do the job, they can’t find workforce,” he said. “It really helps keep companies competitive, so that they can keep the jobs here instead of outsourcing them.”

And with close to 40 employees as it is, the upcoming expansion will only make room for more creators.

“Robotics are fun. We’re growing,” said Whitney. “We’re always looking for people, so if you’re interested, give us a call.”

You can check out their home page here to find out how you can get involved.

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