GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)- The 2020 census data is out meaning it’s time for the Wisconsin legislature to draw the voting districts that’ll be used for upcoming elections.

The state legislature draws the lines, and then the governor approves them. Last time this process happened in 2011, many accused the state legislature of creating one of the most gerrymandered maps in the whole country.

Gerrymandering is a fancy word, but all it means is when legislators manipulate voting districts to maximize the number of voters who will vote for them.

According to a 2019 Marquette University Law School poll, 72 percent of Wisconsinites were opposed to gerrymandering. A group of Northeast Wisconsinites opposed to gerrymandering gathered Saturday for the Pack the Park for Fair Maps car parade and rally that ended at Bay Beach in Green Bay.

The Wisconsin Fair Maps coalition helped to organize this event.

“I came out here to represent the founding fathers because they would want every vote to count.,” says Mary Beth Ascher.

Ascher came to the event dressed as one of the founding fathers complete with a white wig and vest.

She and other opponents of gerrymandering say it reduces voter turnout because people are less likely to vote if they live in noncompetitive districts.

“If you believe in government for the people, fair maps is the way to go,” says Carol Lenz who also participated in the event Saturday.

State Representative Deb Andraca says her Fair Maps bill addresses gerrymandering in the state.

“This bill would create an independent citizen led commission representing all parts of the state to draw our political maps,” says Andraca.

According to Andraca, her bill remains stuck in committee because the committe chair won’t even give it a public hearing. This is frustrating for those at the rally, because many people believe this is a non-partisan issue.

According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 55 counties in Wisconsin have passed resolutions and 32 counties have passed referendums in favor of fair maps.