(WFRV) – Sometimes, especially in the wintertime, animals have to get creative when it comes to finding a meal. And one Wisconsin resident was able to capture footage of a group of mallards doing just that.

Wildlife expert and photographer, Freddy Moyano, said he recently saw something unusual: ducks diving for zebra mussels in the icy waters of the Fox River.

Moyano shared that the ducks he saw were diving full body for about 8 to 10 seconds at a time. He explained that this action is atypical for mallards as they usually don’t dive for their food, but instead opt for eating plants.

“Mallards do not dive, they usually dab. You see them dabbling leaning their necks forward to grab something,” explained Moyano.

Moyano thinks that it must be an adaptation of the ducks who are finding a new food source during the winter.

Take a look and keep your eyes peeled for any rare sightings of mallards diving for their dinner.