NEW LONDON, Wis. (WFRV) – Rawhide Youth Services unveiled their newly built residential Starr Youth Home on Wednesday.

The behavioral and mental health agency offers Wisconsin and families a full array of services for at-risk youth. These services are expected to help equip the at-risk youth with tools to build healthy relationships and behaviors that will help them overcome life’s challenges.

The new Starr Youth Home allows more at-risk boys to receive treatment at Rawhide’s New London campus than at any other of the 5 homes in Wisconsin. The 12 bedrooms that each come with a private bathroom can hold up to 16 youth at a time, whereas other locations can only hold around 10-12.

  • What a typical bedroom would look like at Starr Youth Home
  • Starr Youth Home's Fire Place and TV
  • Starr Youth Home's main gathering space
  • Starr Youth Home's Air Hockey
  • Rawhide Youth Services' Mission

“Meeting the needs of the at-risk youth in our state is an ever-increasing challenge as more youth struggle with mental health needs,” said Alan Loux, Rawhide’s president and CEO. “The challenge is that the size of the need no longer matches the size of our facilities, and this hurts our ability to fulfill our mission. This home will enable us to increase capacity to keep up with the increased demand.”

Rawhide raised over $6 million in 2021 to fund the new Starr Youth Home and chose its name in honor of one of its co-founders, Green Bay Packers legend Bart and Cherry Starr.

You cannot possibly go to Rawhide and see what’s going on there and meet these boys without having a passion for it. They felt safe and they felt loved, and that’s what every child should know. Bart loved Rawhide. He was so proud to be part of it.

Cherry Starr

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