The Sevastopol school board clerk Lisa Bieri will notify the clerk that there will be an election on August 23 for School Board President Sue Todey and Vice President Bill Behme.

This comes after a motivated group of parents got enough signatures for a recall election for both board members and the clerk validated the signatures with the help of an attorney.

“It was important it was fair for all parties,” said Bieri. “I wasn’t making any judgment calls based on my own opinion one way or the other.”

Elementary principal Mary Donaldson was escorted out of the school back in February and never returned to her job prompting many changes in the district.

Sevastopol has hired Kathleen Hoppe as the new principal, she previously worked in the Waterford School District as an Assistant Superintendent.

On July 14, Sevastopol School District Superintendent Linda Underwood resigned and more changes could be coming to this blue ribbon school depending on the results of the election.

Local 5 reached out and talked to both President Sue Todey and Vice President Bill Behme on the phone who told Local 5 they need to reach out to the people who support them before issuing a statement.

“Anyone can run, the President and Vice President are automatically on the ballot,” said Bieri. “Anyone can file papers to run against one of those parties.”

The movement of parents have lined up Tim Bley, a member of the Jacksonport town board and Keith Volkmann who has worked as a financial advisor in the medical field.

School District Clerk Lisa Bieri said that office holders could issue another appeal after the signatures get turned in, challenging that they are sufficient.