GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Recording devices can be found on the first and second floors of Green Bay’s City Hall. Alderman Christopher Wery is acknowledging the devices and asking that they be removed for the privacy of those entering the building.  

“I have a public service announcement, it has come to my attention that citizens, employees, and elected officials are being spied on in City Hall,” said Alderman Christopher Wery.

Without public knowledge, cameras and microphones were placed inside Green Bay’s City Hall. Concerns regarding the right to privacy are the issue with the cameras and microphones. Wery says many were unaware of them being recorded.  

“City council, nor the public, was advised of this spying and not even simple signage warning of the intrusion was put in place, nothing,” said Wery.  

Alderman Wery says public records reveal Green Bay’s City Hall is the only City Hall in Wisconsin with recording devices. 

“Nobody else in the state does this. I talked to the municipalities, they have no opinion on it, they’re like ‘wow somebody’s actually doing that,’ they couldn’t believe it,” stated Wery.  

Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich appears to have no plans for removing the devices.  

We reached out to the Mayor’s Office and were told that he was too busy to comment on the issue.

We will keep you updated with this story on air and online as more information becomes available.