For the last ten years the Appleton housing authority and local high schools have teamed up to build affordable housing for people in the community who need homes.

It was an emotional moment for Christopher Lwenzya as his family was welcome into their new home in a neighborhood in Appleton.

Christopher Lwenzya and his wife Nadine has four children and they had to endure so much to come to the United States as refugees from their home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lwenzya explains being without a home and living in exile in his own country for almost, seventeen years, but now his children have a chance to grow up in a home while living the American dream.

Making it all possible were hard working high school students who built the Lwenzya house starting with the foundation in September of 2015, this class teaches students a trade while letting them make a positive impact in the community.

The Appleton Housing Authority needs fundraising efforts to continue this program beyond this school year, to see what kind of impact this program has, please watch the video.

You can make tax-deductable donations to this non-profit organization by visiting or by calling 920-739-6811 ext. 114.