GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher was recognized by the Great Lakes Maritime Task Force for his continued commitment to helping the Great Lakes.

Congressman Gallagher received the Great Lakes Maritime Task Force Legislator of the Year Award on Friday morning. During his time in office, he has introduced several pieces of legislation, like the Supplying Help to Infrastructure in Ports, Yards, and America’s Repair Dock (SHIPYARD) Act of 2021, and the Great Lakes Winter Commerce Act.

In a statement, Rep. Gallagher states the importance of the Great Lakes and everything they have to offer, “The importance of the Great Lakes cannot be overstated. Here in Northeast Wisconsin, these lakes are crucial to not just our economy, but to our way of life, and it’s critical we do everything we can to preserve these national treasures for generations to come.”

Rep. Gallagher was given a model of the ‘Cliff’s Victory’ ship, which many say shares similarities with Gallagher, “First, it was reinvented. It started out as a victory ship built in 1945 and then became a Laker in 1951. Congressman Gallagher started out as a Marine, and then became reinvented as a Congressman.”

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The Great Lakes Maritime Task Force has 74 members, which is the largest coalition to speak for the Great Lakes Navigation System.