GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Christmas begins in October at Unity Resale Shoppe.

“Our winter wonderland, as we call it, is one of our customer favorites,” said Paakou Vang, who serves as the manager for Unity Resale Shoppe.

A room apart from the rest, the Christmas room is packed with decorations from yesteryear.

“They say that their grandma had this item or they’ve been looking for this particular item, even at a regular retail store and they finally only here so,” said Vang.

One step in, and I’ve gotta say, I was skating down memory lane: I found a ceramic Christmas tree that was a mini version of the one my grandma had when I was a little girl.

Vang said she revels in the setup the store’s volunteers put together each year, “Our volunteers take a really nice time to set up and stage everything to look beautiful.”

When asked about her favorite items on display for sale, Vang couldn’t pick just one! “My favorite items are animated figurines here. And they’re usually right in the center here. We have this little dolly that’s writing a rocking chair, and a little girl rolling a snowball. So those are super cute every time I see them set up,” said Vang. She added, “Another one of my favorites, all of our different Santas. Just seeing the different types of styles that we have and seeing how the the styles and the trends evolve over the years, is kind of like taking a trip back in time.”

There’s just something about the holidays that spreads cheer and ignites memories, which is important to the store. All proceeds of sales go to an organization that oftentimes isn’t the most joyous.

“It all benefits people that are going through Unity Hospice, so there is no charge to people that are receiving hospice from Unity Hospice because the donations from this store help to curb the cost,” said Mary Vanden Huevel, a volunteer in the clothing department at Unity Resale Shoppe.

Vang elaborated on the specific services Unity Resale Shoppe provides: “Our cause here helps Unity for anyone that needs the services that you would provide. So Unity provides supportive care management, hospice care, grief support, you know, many, many other services that maybe a lot of people are not aware of that we have. So it’s good to have this cost support.”

And, the store is more than just the winter wonderland. It sells items year-round, including furniture, decor, books, clothing, antiques and more.

“It just makes me happy to come here,” said Vanden Heuvel. She continued, “The store is amazing. They have such neat things here. So yeah, just enjoy coming in.”

Vanden Huevel said she enjoys getting to “dress” customers and also feels proud to support the store’s mission.

“People that are going through hospice, it’s hard enough for them to be doing that, let alone have to worry about a cost. So this, you know, definitely helps them to not have to worry about that piece of it. So you know, you’re you’re supporting a good, good program,” she said.

Vanden Heuvel encourages anyone and everyone not only to come to shop, but if eligible, to volunteer: “Come on in. It’s a beautiful place!”

If you wish to volunteer or just want more information, you can visit the website right here.