OCONTO COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV)-Cleanup continues in Oconto County after that storm Friday that some long time residents say brought the worst flooding they’ve ever seen in this area. 

The Bauer’s are one of the families cleaning up. The heavy rains brought heavy flooding to their yard, the street they live on, and about a foot of water into their basement.

“Mother Nature is crazy, it’s unbelievable,” said Mike Bauer.

The Bauer’s tell Local Five News they are focusing on maintaining a positive attitude despite the very negative situation. For example, Mike took his fishing pole out to the end of the driveway and pretended to fish.

“There’s provisions in this somehow it might be a negative but there’s always a positive in it, God always provides, it (the flooding) brought our kids home we have great kids and we have insurance and we get to clean out our house,” said Erika Bauer.

On Saturday, Mike and his wife Erika had their kids over to help them clean up their basement which had damage from the flood. Some of the items that they have to throw away had sentimental value to the family and Erika said the process was emotional at times.

“Things that we run across books that were the kids favorites the bassinet that I kept all four of my biological kids in,” said Erika Bauer.

The Bauer’s aren’t the only family cleaning up in Oconto County. On Fireside Road near the Little River, there is a home with sandbags, the yard there completely flooded.

However, there is a noticeable improvement in the amount of floodwater between Friday and Saturday. On Friday, much of Fireside Road and South Porcupine Lake Roads were underwater, but by Saturday afternoon they were completely dry. Workers from the Oconto County Highway Department were out laying down new gravel on the sides of the road.

There are still roads in the county that are closed because the water washed out portions of the road creating dangerous gaps. Roads that are closed include:

  • Behnke Ln, Town of Maple Valley
  • CTH A and HWY 32; from HWY 32 and CTH AG, Town of Maple Valley
  • CTH B and CTH A, from west CTH A to west CTH M, Town of Lena
  • Brock Rd, from Claywood to Claywood, Town of Maple Valley
  • CTH AG and Erickson Rd, Town of Maple Valley

County officials also advise the public that there are traffic hazards on:

  • CTH A and Sunshine Rd, Town of Lena
  • Emond Ln, Town of Spruce
  • Goatsville Rd, Town of Spruce
  • CTH J and Sprise Rd, Town of Oconto
  • Arndt Road, Town of Spruce