DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Some people are wondering why there isn’t flashing lights, gates, or signals at the Reid Street and Main Avenue railroad crossings in downtown De Pere.  

“It makes me nervous for other people I keep my eyes open which other people should do but if you’re on your phone and not paying attention and if that train is right there you are going to hit it,” said Chuck Looney who lives in Appleton, but works in downtown De Pere.

There are two sets of tracks that cross Reid Street and Main Avenue in downtown De Pere after a Canadian National Railway line splits off after Grant Street.

The main line has flashing lights and signals.

The other one, which veers more into downtown De Pere, doesn’t have flashing lights and signals but it does have signage on both sides of the road indicating that there is a railroad crossing there. The Main Avenue crossing is a major downtown street.

A woman in the De Pere Community Connect Facebook group created a post detailing how she says she was almost hit by a train while driving across the tracks on Main Avenue. That post has over 100 comments with other people also saying that they wish there were signals at this crossing.

That second crossing without the signals also goes right behind condos where Linda Steeno has lived for the past 17 years.

“When the train goes by you can feel the vibrations in the building,” said Steeno.

A Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) official told Local 5 News they are doing a survey of the area and that adding a signal at some of these crossings is something they are looking into. He said they haven’t made any final decisions on anything yet.

A De Pere Department of Public Works official told Local 5 News that he is aware of residents’ concerns with these crossings and referenced the WisDOT study as a way it’s getting addressed. A Local 5 News reporter also stopped by De Pere City Hall to see if he could speak with the mayor or city administrator but neither official was there.

“If they put a light there I wouldn’t feel sad, I’d like for the whole thing to go away but it won’t,” said Steeno.

In a statement sent to Local 5 News, Canadian National Railway said:

“Safety is a core value at CN and we work closely with a wide range of federal and state partners to ensure our railroads safely and reliably link Wisconsin job creators to markets around the world.  We encourage all of our neighbors to be safe around railroads tracks; when you see tracks, think trains.  Any questions or concerns about crossing signals should be directed to the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Railroads.”

Canadian National Railway Spokesman.

Local 5 News had asked Canadian National Railway about whether they planned to put signals at these crossings and they didn’t directly answer this question.