WAUKESHA, Wis. (WFRV) – A roller rink in Wisconsin is facing backlash after a conversation with an employee and a woman was posted online that involved not allowing teenagers in based on where they live.

A social media post showed a phone recording of a call between a woman and a Waukesha Skateland employee. The caller mentions that her daughter and husband were told that they were not able to enter the rink.

During the call, the employee tells the woman that Milwaukee teenagers are not allowed at the rink.

The caller asks the employee that even if the teenager is with a parent, they still can’t come in? The employee says that is correct.

When asked for the reason why they are not allowed to skate, the employee says:

‘Too much troubles’.

Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Ryan Clancy also posted on Facebook his experience when he tried to visit Waukesha Skateland with his son. Clancy said that he and his son (both of whom are white) were let in immediately even though they were Milwaukee residents. Clancy said he made the decision to try to enter the roller rink after he saw the woman’s circulating Facebook post.

He mentioned that he talked with the Waukesha Skateland owner. The owner reportedly said that he has a policy that excludes teenagers who are from Milwaukee but is willing to make an exception for ‘some people’ like them.

Clancy’s post has over 185 shares, while the original phone recording post has over 465 shares. Waukesha Skateland has not made any public comment at this time.