GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – About a month ago, Local 5’s Danielle Zulkosky visited Central Church in the City of Green Bay, which is also the site of Ruby’s Pantry events.

Ruby’s Pantry is a place where anyone in need can come get two large boxes of food for a suggested $25. In June, Ruby’s Pantry held around 240 shares but now in July, the food pantry has seen an increase to 300 shares, a pretty significant jump.

“We estimate there is probably around $150 of value in the two boxes,” said Aaron Schaut, the Lead Pastor at Central Church. “It’s just a way for people to be able to stretch their dollar in these difficult times.”

Schaut explains that Ruby’s Pantry has multiple sites around the state of Wisconsin, including the one at Central Church. The pantry secures the food and the church provides the labor and manpower to distribute the food.

Most of the food comes from donations or food that is close to expiration. Food that needs to be used and if it doesn’t get used up, it would be discarded.

“We’ll be busy,” added Schaut. “With the economic situation the way it is right now, people are looking for every way they can to stretch their dollar and this is a great opportunity to do that. We do expect to have a full sell-out today.”

With Central Church expecting a sell-out again, Schaut says that there is a possibility to increase shares yet again, surpassing 300.

“It really varies from month to month. It somewhat depends on what items we get in, and where people are at financially in the month, but hopefully, we’ll be able to continue to grow,” Schaut said to Local 5 News.

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Central Church has been known for investing in the Green Bay community and hosting Ruby’s Pantry is no different. Members of the church explain that their mission is to be involved with the community as well as community-driven.

“People can come between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to receive the shares,” said Site Coordinator Ryan Birdsall. “Love people is a big part of our motto here and we hope that our hearts are shown by giving this opportunity.”