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Ryan Swadner sentenced to 15 years for vehicular homicide

Three teens were killed in the vehicle Swadner was driving in October 2014

January 10, 2018 - More than three years ago three teens lost their lives in an impaired driving crash; the person who was behind the wheel that day has learned his fate.

Members from each of the victim's families had something to share about the lives lost in that crash on October 21st, 2014.

And they each had something to share with the man responsible for that crash that received 15 years in prison for those three deaths.

""You might as well have taken the three kids out of the car and shot them in the head, because when you're irresponsible with the car it's the same outcome," says Paige Brunette's father Matthew.

Paige was 15-years-old when she was killed in the crash.

During the course of the sentencing Shawano county detective Christopher Gamm was heavily cross-examined.

Questions of Swadner's sobriety, the intent of the group of teens' trip that day and the speed at whish the crash happened were brought up.

The defense only brought one witness to the stand, Swadner's mother.

She was asked about her son's mental and physical state since the accident.

Ryan Swadner was also given a chance to speak.

"It's something I think about day in and day out, says Swadner. "It's something, like I said, I would do anything to give those people their children back and I'm sorry."

Though the sentencing is over there are still pieces of the lives lost that linger that these families will never forget.

"We raise rabbits 52 rabbits my husband and I," says Wanda Borsche. "My family had to learn how to take care of them and each time one of those rabbits dies I hold onto and cry because I can't let them go. Because that's another piece of my son that I can't let go of."

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