GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — A program proposed over the summer to prevent drunk driving is now enacted in Brown County.

The “Safe Park” initiative aims to allow bar patrons to park overnight without worrying about incurring a ticket.

“We started out with a soft roll out here of two dozen to start,” Don Mjelde, President of the Brown County Tavern League said, “just to be able to train and develop people in using this effectively.”

The program consists of two tiers: proactive measures and reactive measures.

Proactive measures to prevent drunk driving include a map available to bar patrons that shows where vehicles can be left overnight legally.

On the reactive end is a tag that bartenders can give to patrons who have parked on the street.

That placard, when hung in the rearview mirror of a vehicle left in a metered spot overnight, will exempt the vehicle from the parking ticket ordinance from 3:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

The program relies on bartenders to recognize who has had too much to drive.

“We hope that bartenders are always our eyes and ears in the bar,” Capt. Kevin Warych with the Green Bay Police Department said, “so if they see someone that has consumed too much alcohol, we want them to make sure that they don’t get behind the wheel.”

Mjelde added, “Our bartenders throughout the city are trained to make sure that people get a responsible means home. Our Safe Ride Program has worked really well, ride-sharing programs or a designated driver.”

They hope the program helps keep streets safe from drunk drivers.

“We hope that this initiative will prevent a lot of people from making that conscious decision of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol,” Capt. Warych said.

Bars currently enrolled in the Safe Park Program:

BB’s Bar
Bourbon Street
Cheri’s Place
Getaway Bar
Jill’s Bar
Job Site
Madrid Tapas
Napalese Lounge
Next Stop
Old School
Packer Stadium Lounge
Pauly G’s
R&D’s House Divided
Richard Craniums
Robyn’s Nest
State Street Pub
Turn It Up Tap
XS Nightclub