Just days before the Red Kettle Campaign comes to a close, the Salvation Army found 33 golden coins in five different kettles in the Green Bay area. 

The Salvation Army says that while counting kettles Thursday night, volunteers found a total of 33 gold coins in five different kettles. 

Those locations included Walmart, Festival Foods, Walgreens, Sam’s Club and Woodman’s.

The gold coins are said to be all American Eagle 2016 One Ounce Gold Coins. The spot price for gold puts the value of each coin around $1,130.00, bringing the value of the total donation to $37,290.00.  

“This is an unprecedented coin donation in The Salvation Army” states Major Bob Mueller, Greater Green Bay Coordinator. “Many Salvation Army’s receive one, or maybe two, gold coins throughout their Christmas Campaign, but I’ve never heard of a command receiving this many.”

 All funds raised through this campaign help to provide vital basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter, to those most in need throughout the greater Green Bay area.