APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The Fox Cities Noon Lunch Program provides a hot meal every day to anyone in Appleton in need, bridging the food insecurity gap.

Kristal Knudtson, the Director of Development and Communications for the Fox Cities Salvation Army said, “We need to eat every day. We don’t want to serve Monday through Friday and say we’re done with our work week we’re off. We care and we do. We care every single day and that includes the weekend.”

The meal is open to anyone in need including families or individuals.

Melanie Briggs and her daughter Journi live at the Pillars Shelter in Appleton. She said, “It’s definitely a sigh of relief to know that I can bring her here every day and not have to worry about her starving and stuff. Before coming to Pillars and before coming here we weren’t on a routine and I was worried because we aren’t allowed to bring food to the shelter what am I going to do for lunch for my daughter?”

Volunteers serve children every day but are ready to see more come in this summer and students no longer have access to school lunch.

“The children need to eat and as parents, we’re going to make sure our children eat before we do. And parents don’t have to worry about that here,” said Knudtson. “They can just come, know their children are fed well with a nice nutritious meal, nice warm meal, and they are too.”