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Salvation Army, Packers Kick Off Autograph Signings to Raise Red Kettle Money

GREEN BAY, Wis. - For the next four Mondays, Packers players will be signing autographs to help the Salvation Army reach its donation goals for the year.

And Packer players Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson definitely have a fan club.

"They’re great characters, Jaire has got a great personality, Josh he’s up-and-coming, he’s going to do great things for us," says Chad Blumenschein from Rhinelander.

"We liked Jaire from the start and it was just really exciting to meet him," says Haley Wood from Balck River Falls.

And for some it didn't matter what Packers were at the table.

"I’m a diehard Packers fan and I like to collect autographs on my memorabilia," says Donte Webb from Milwaukee.

But Mondays' signing wasn't just for the fun of it.

Fans that stood in line for hours were asked to donate at least $20 to get autographs.

The proceeds go toward the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign which fuels their funds for the year.

Aaron Rodgers even plans to match whatever the packer's signings raise up to $50,000.

"It’s a great way to raise some money, but also for fans to get that interaction," says Nicole Hanley with the Salvation Army. "That’s a great way for them to give back and give a signature at the same time. The Packers are really gracious about helping the community here."

"I think it adds much more because it’s going for such a good cause and everyone gets something out of it in a way and it's just out to help people," says Danielle Mcnulty from Black River Falls.

The two organizations still have four weeks left of signing.

So whether you came from down the street or across the state these fans know they're making an impact.

"It helps people that are underprivileged, they don’t have much, so every dollar counts," says Webb. "That’s how I look at it."

The names of the players participating in each week's signing will only be announced the week prior to each event.

The Red Kettle campaign's goal this year is to raise $1.25 million.

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