GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Frogs, snakes, and spiders, oh my! All that and more was showcased at the Scaled Up Reptile Expo at the Radisson Hotel in Green Bay on Sunday.

About 1,500 people slithered to the event to buy and learn more about exotic animals.

Expo Coordinator Dylan Konitzer says, “It’s a great, family-friendly opportunity to see some stuff that you wouldn’t normally get to see here in Wisconsin. Even if you’re not interested in buying an animal, it’s fun to learn about everything.”

Brayden Pansier from Morrison was there with his parents, and he says, “I don’t really have that many animals, so it’s fun to see snakes, salamanders, lizards.”

All of the animals were friendly, and none of them were venomous, making them safe to bring home.

Eric Koester is a reptile enthusiast who traveled all the way from Arizona to see what this convention in Wisconsin had to offer.

Koester says, “It’s cool to see how the animals act and behave, especially snakes. They’re kind of like dogs and cats, but not really. They don’t get the love that they should.”

There are nine Scaled Up Expos a year, three in Green Bay, Fond du Lac, and Rothschild, respectively. For information on how you can attend, click here.