KETTLE MORAINE, Wis. (WFRV) – One school district in Wisconsin is facing backlash after a decision to ban the use of political flags, including pride flags, and not allowing pronouns in email signature lines.

On July 26, the Kettle Moraine School District held a school board meeting and among the topics discussed was the removal of political flags or religious messaging. The use of pronouns in email signatures was also mentioned.

Superintendent Stephen Plum spoke at the meeting about the employee code of conduct.

The expectation is that teachers and administration will not have political flags or religious messaging in their classroom or on their person. This expectation includes pride flags. This expecation relates to staff emails and email signature lines. This expecation prohibits pronouns, policitcal language, religious views etcetra.

Stephen Plum, Superintendent

When asked if this expectation would apply to someone wearing a religious cross, Plum said that discrete jewelry (like a necklace) is fine.

School Board President Gary Vose said that this is not a case of discrimination towards any group(s). Rather it is more about bringing clarity to the situation.

The Kettle Moraine School District posted the meeting on Facebook and has garnered a lot of comments. Over 350 comments have been made, many of which do not agree with the decision.

The Trevor Project sent out a letter in response to the decision.

It’s crucial that we continue to foster inclusive and affirming school environments for LGBTQ youth, and as members of the Kettle Moraine School District Board, you have the opportunity to model inclusive and affirming behavior by revisiting conversations and rulings about the recent, discriminatory policies.

The Trevor Project

The full meeting can be viewed here. Plum started talking about the expectations around the 22-minute mark.