School officials receive Digital Threat Assessment training at Fox Valley Technical College

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All day Tuesday, Northeast Wisconsin school officials learned about online school safety at a digital threat assessment training at Fox Valley Technical College.

The training was taught by Indiana Chief Deputy Prosecutor and cyber crime expert Eric Tamashasky, and featured an appearance by Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul.

“In the course of one day, we run a full spectrum on things we talk about,” Tamashasky said. “Really the big mantra that we’ve got here is: the better the data, the better assessment we can make, and the better assessment we can make, the better intervention that we can do to try help these kids and help the community get better and stay safe.”

The Wisconsin Department of Justice and Office of School Safety, in collaboration with other state and local officials, are partnering to deliver the training sessions all over the state this week. The training is meant to give educators a stronger understanding of social media and to provide tools and strategies for identifying and solving digital safety concerns.

“One of the ways that we can go about making our schools safer is by making sure that everybody who shares in the responsibility of keeping our kids safe – whether it’s school resource officers or school administrators – both is aware of potential threats to student safety from social media, and other online platforms… and is able to use those tools to help prevent any dangers to our kids,” Kaul said.

“We’ve had a wonderful turnout of folks involved in every different level of the school,” Tamashasky said. “And really, the best chance for safety and the best chance to help our kids both in the classroom and outside, comes from these sorts of groups and this arrangement of people.”

The digital threat assessment training will continue throughout the rest of the week, stopping at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College on Wednesday.

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