ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) A well known florist located in the village of Allouez is about to mark a milestone. Schroeder’s Flowers is turning 120 years old.

On the northside of Allouez, just off South Webster Avenue, a family owned business that’s sold flowers 120 years.

“I’m the fifth generation and we’ve been doing it since 1899,” said Manager Brian Schroeder.

This is Schroeder’s Flowers, which Schroeder says started in downtown Green Bay long ago.

“They hauled the flowers with wagons and horses, I can’t imagine how they’d do it in the winter,” Schroeder said.

Eventually opened greenhouses next to Woodlawn Cemetery a few years later and then in 1949 a retail store at their existing location.

“It was farmland, trees, lots of farmland, really open,” Schroeder said.

And as Allouez grew up around Schroeder’s, these florists carefully nurtured their operation, selling a multitude of annual and perennial plants and tens of thousands of floral arrangements each year.

“Flowers are appropriate for everyone at every occasion,” said employee Margaret Simon.

Simon has worked here for 37 years. She says Schroeder’s success is the direct result of truly caring about their customers.

“I think it’s family and that we always consider that our customers are our friends and our family,” Simon said.

A way of thinking that keeps this woman from Sturgeon Bay coming back.

“They just have such beautiful flowers, plentiful amount of flowers, lots of great choices and nice people to wait on you,” said Marian Schlise.

“We love to give the knowledge of plants freely, give it away all the time and help people out with their plants. Love to see people succeed with their plants and gardening, that’s what we’re here for,” Schroeder said.

It’s a business philosophy that’s kept Schroeder’s in business 120 years – and likely many more into the future.