A pretty, pink house is the front for a new ice cream shop with some wacky-looking cones.
And get this–the owner just graduated high school a few months ago.

“My business is doughnut cones with cedar crest ice cream,” said Emilee Rysticken, owner of Scream ‘N Conuts.

She got the idea during a class trip to Prague her freshman year.

“And I found these chimney cakes, which I call my ‘Conut’ doughnut cone,” she said. “And I thought that’s a great idea, I’m going to do that back home.”

Her enthusiasm convinced her parents to help her take out the loans for the building.

“And it was kind of a dump when I bought it, but I saw the vision for it and I said, ‘I’m going to go for it,'” said Rysticken.

And now she has employees–many being former classmates.

“I mean, all of your employees are going to be high schoolers because it’s a part-time ice cream shop gig,” she said. “So, it’s hard to avoid the friendships and things, but they listen to me.”

Emilee’s perfected the craft of the ‘conut’.

“Donut dough, roll it out into a snake shape, roll it around a cone mold, roll that out, cover it in sugar, put it in a rotisserie oven, and then cover it in cinnamon and sugar and that’s the donut cone,” she said.

I asked if we could expect to see this turn into a multi-billion dollar chain by the time she’s 24.
“I hope so!” she said. “That’s the dream.”

Scream ‘N Conuts is located at the corner of Washington and 12th Street in Two Rivers.