LUXEMBURG, Wis. (WFRV) – Students attending Luxemburg-Casco are using coffee to obtain work experience. The students say there is no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee. 

“It’s just like serving at Starbucks, you just give it to teachers, just seeing teachers’ faces, just seeing the smiles on their faces is the best part,” said Ayla Parker Luxemburg-Casco student.

Students involved with the school’s intellectual disability program spend their Tuesday mornings brewing and serving coffee to their teachers. Luxemburg student Ella Wssel says she enjoys brewing and serving with her classmates. 

“Yes, I’m really happy to be in this program. It helps me and the other students that work in this coffee shop to learn and do friendship in the class,” said Ella Wssel  

The program’s purpose is to provide real-world work experience for the students. Wssel says she plans to become a baker and knowing how to serve coffee will come in handy. 

“It will help me when I’m not at school because I’ve always wanted to be a baker and that’s what I’m going to go to college for, to get my culinary diploma,” said Wssel. 

Students are assigned a different task for the mobile shop every week and charge one dollar per cup, special education teacher Morgan Cherney, says they plan to help students from other schools learn tricks of the trade.

“We have huge support with our community here in Luxemburg that we hope to start a fundraising where they can actually buy the spartan blend in 12-ounce bags and those proceeds will go to a pay it forward initiative to help another district and we have ideas of just supporting our community,” explained Cherney special education teacher.  

Those interested in bringing this program to a school near you, contact Luxemburg-Casco High School.