DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) Sunday, family and friends remembered Nate Lindstrom ahead of the one-year anniversary of his death and through his death supporters hope to bring attention to clergy abuse

Peter Isely, Nate’s Mission Program Director asks, “That’s our question a year later what killed Nate Lindstrom?”

The answer is tough. Family members say at age 14, Nate Lindstrom was sexually abused by clergy members at Notre Dame Academy, previously named Premontre High, then a Norbertine high school.

On March 9th, 2020, Nate Lindstrom, took his life after St. Norbert Abbey stopped payments for his mental health treatment.

Family members of Nate Lindstrom say the sexual abuse happened inside the Priory when Dane Radecki was principal, so now the victims want Radecki held accountable.

Aaron Lindstrom, Nate’s brother says, “I just hope that Father Radecki can either take the call from alumni to step down or to step up and turn over crucial documents to Attorney General Kaul and cooperate with the local authorities.”

After speaking with Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, family and friends rallied and now want Kaul to launch a statewide investigation into clergy sex abuse.

David Lindstrom, Nate’s father says, “It was so wonderful to be able to tell the story to someone that can do something about the story. Nate’s mission has always been that this doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

Supporters also want Kaul to help pass legislation for sexual abuse survivors.

Aaron Lindstrom asks, “Support us in supporting the child victims act which basically lifts the statute of limitations in Wisconsin for which a victim could come forward.”

Isely says, “It’s too late for Nate but it’s not too late for the next victim of abuse, and rape and coverup in the church or anywhere in our society.”

St. Norbert Abbey provided Local Five with the following response:

St. Norbert abbey understands the need to remember Nate Lindstrom on the anniversary of his death as well as throughout the year. We will be praying for Nate, his family, and all victims of abuse that they may find hope and healing.

Montie Chavez, St. Norbert’s Communications Manager