WISCONSIN (WFRV) – The Department of Workforce Development has announced Technical Education Equipment Grants to 15 school districts, including 5 in northeast Wisconsin.

$440,000 will be divided up and given to the 15 school districts to help them buy high tech equipment. Buying this equipment will allow the institutions to train their students for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Some of the equipment being bought includes water jet cutters, robotic arms, 3D metal printers, and so much more.

“Technical education develops the workforce skills that are critical for Wisconsin’s growing manufacturing sector and thriving economy,” said Governor Tony Evers. “From plasma tables to robotic arms, these Fast Forward educational equipment grants help provide our kids the tools, resources, and training to be successful and career-ready across Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin has and continues to see an increase in demand for jobs in the manufacturing sector. Jobs such as welders, computer numerical control programmers, and production supervisors are among the few that these grants will train students on.

Here is a list of northeast Wisconsin schools that have received part of the $440,000 grant:

Bowler School District

Bowler received a grant worth $50,000 to purchase multi-process welding tools, several different types of lathes, a plasma table for metal cutting, and other fabrication equipment for its advanced manufacturing academy. The school district will now be able to launch several partnerships with Northcentral Technical College for dual credits.

Luxemburg-Casco School District

The Luxemburg-Casco School District received $25,000 to purchase a robotic arm to expand the district’s Fab Lab curriculum. This lets 80 to 100 students learn new skills with computer numerical control and injection molding machines.

Seymour Community School District

The school district in Seymour received a $50,000 grant to purchase a CNC mill, lathes, and augers which allows the high school to train more than 70 students a year to meet local and regional demands for a CNC machinist.

Two Rivers Public School District

Two Rivers Public School District received less than the others with $14,020 but this still allows them to purchase two laser engravers and a CNC router spindle upgrade. With the advancement in equipment, the district is able to revamp traditional programs to train 150 to 200 students per year.

Winneconne Community School District

Winneconne received $10,000 to purchase a robotic arm. This will showcase automation cells, advanced programming, and applied electronic components. The district is partnering with a local business, AMCOR. Together, AMCOR and the district will be encouraging students to consider a career in advanced manufacturing by giving them hands-on experience.

For more information, including a complete list of the 15 school districts receiving grants, click here.