SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – In a turn of events, the Shawano County Republican Party has decided to support Dean Neubert for the 6th Assembly.

According to a Facebook Post, the Shawano County Republican Party will now support Dean Neubert, a write-in candidate rather than Peter Schmidt.

Neubert announced his write-in campaign for Assembly District 6 on Wednesday, stating “As a Republican, I believe in supporting the candidate who wins hard-fought primaries to ensure our voice will be heard in Madison. After the primary, troubling issues have arisen that were kept hidden from voters.”

Neubert continued on by saying violent criminal charges and deceptive behavior from the Republican primary winner have concerned many in the district, including himself.

The business owner is appreciative of the overwhelming support from the Shawano County community, thus, he’s decided to launch a write-in campaign.

“This election is about honesty, integrity, and leadership. My opponents have demonstrated that is not their priority. We need a representative that will be a voice who will stand up for small businesses, election integrity, pro-life values, and family paychecks,” stated Neubert.

The write-in candidate did admit it would be a difficult task to win the election, but he’s looking forward to campaigning around the area.

“I have an excellent support group around me,” said Neubert at the podium. “We have probably over 200 volunteers and we’re going to hit the road hard. I believe there’s support there to win this election.”

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The Shawano County Republican Party is also excited about Neubert running, but explains there is going to be a major education process throughout the campaign.

“You can’t just fill in the circle and vote straight ticket Republican,” said Richard Kucksdorf, Chairman of the Shawano County Republican Party. “It’s going to be an education process and we’ll handle that through mostly print media with some radio and other stuff.”