(WFRV) – A vehicle in southwestern Wisconsin was reportedly seen driving over 120 mph on USH 18 and drove past a sergeant with the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page about a recent incident involving a car going over 120 mph. The dashcam footage showed that the incident happened on November 11 around 6:30 a.m.

The footage shows a driver reportedly traveling on USH 18, which is apparently a posted 55 mph zone, at 123 mph. The post says that the vehicle passed multiple cars, one of which was a sergeant.

This was on a highway that is frequently traveled by many families, young drivers, and farmers going from field to field. We are going to continue working traffic and putting a stop to this dangerous driving.

Cheriff Michael Peterson

There was no information on if the driver was given any citations.