OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Snowmelt and rainfall have led to major flooding on the Wolf River.

Village of Shiocton officials said that the river has a water depth of about 12.5 feet and the water has spilled over the banks submerging boat launches, roads, and backyards in feet of water.

In Stephensville, an access road to a popular fishing spot is several feet underwater. Armin Conradt checked it out on Thursday morning.

“Making sure to stay on the blacktop because there are a few curves in the road and if you get off of it you’re going to be sunk in the ditch,” said Conradt.

Conradt said he has been on the access road many times and knows every twist and turn. Neither he nor law enforcement officials recommend that others should try to travel on the access road.

“Turn around if you don’t know the road, like when I drive through it I know the road,” said Conradt.

Back at the Wolf River in Shiocton, onlookers told Local Five News that they couldn’t believe how high the water had risen.

“It gets high every year, but I  haven’t seen it quite this high,” said Coy Hansen of Leeman.

The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office issued a no wake order on the Wolf River as water continued to creep into people’s backyards and inched toward houses. Shiocton community members spent Wednesday filling sandbags just in case the flooding gets worse.

“It’s a normal thing, high water is normal for us but where we’re at now, we’re keeping an eye on it, we’re not too worried, but we’re making sure that everyone is covered and safe,” said Shiocton police chief Sara Knapp.

The heavy flooding also forced village officials to close its shooting range.

“This year the water kept coming up with the rain and the snow, we had to close down for a couple of days but we hope that we can get it open as soon as we can,” said Knapp.

Law enforcement officials remind the public that driving over standing water is unsafe and that your best option is to turn around and find an alternative route.