SHIOCTON, Wis (WFRV) – Nonprofit organization “Families in Need” aims to make a difference. “Families in Need” hosted a fundraiser for the less fortunate, committee member Ann Shears says the organization takes pride in giving back. 

“It’s dear to our hearts it helps families of any dynamic’s single moms, dads, veterans, elderly families with kids without kids whoever is in need whether they lose a job you are low on income, low on food, we try and help out,” stated Shears. 
The fundraiser included a bike ride, raffles, and more.  Owner of “JT’S Custom and Cycle Repair” Jamie Dontje says he does not mind lending a helping hand. 
“I’ve been in the community for many years pretty much my whole life and after the devastation of River Rail and with families in need I’ve always been a person to help people,” explained Dontje. 

Shears says she is grateful to receive support from the community. 

“I’d like to thank the community, the families, the community that stepped up and donated so much so we have so much to do the bikes that showed up from Two Rivers and Manitowoc and Oconto and Amro, they all pitched in, and we are just better together,” stated Shears. 
The organization plans to host the event again next year.