Editor’s note – This story has been updated to reflect that the family were not beneficiaries of the Rock the Block program and are not getting $10,000 in home renovations.

CHILTON, Wis. (WFRV) – For the first time ever, the Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity is providing home renovations up to $10,000 at Rock the Block in the City of Chilton.

Thanks to generous community donors that wish to remain anonymous, a single mother and her teenage daughter are just one of the families working on home renovations during the three-day event.

Historically, Rock the Block renovated the exterior of homes with a zero-interest loan that homeowners pay back once the home was sold. However, donors to Chilton’s Rock the Block recognized homeowners needed a hand-up and have made it possible to cover the costs of these projects without the homeowners having to take on an additional loan for work up to $10,000.

Those having work done to their home are required to help with their home renovation project or with community projects that are part of Rock the Block, something officials call “sweat equity.”

One of the families benefiting from the Habitat’s presence in Chilton is Paula Koehler and her 13-year-old daughter Hailey, who struggles with special needs.

“We spend a lot of time with her medical needs including weekly therapy, getting her in and out of her braces, in and out of her equipment, medical machines, and daily necessities,” explained Koehler. “I look forward to having a safe home where I no longer need to worry about electrical fires because I will have enough outlets to plug in all of Hailey’s equipment.  Hailey will also be able to get around easier due to the additional space.”

All work through the program is made possible through volunteers and community donations. Following Rock the Block events, people experience an increased level of pride in their neighborhood as well as a renewed friendship with neighbors.