SUAMICO, Wisc., (WFRV) – The sister of a local woman who passed away from Covid-19 is speaking out and says the family contracted the Coronavirus during the funeral of their mother.

Too emotional to appear on the zoom call, Heather Hussli talked about how they thought they were following CDC guidelines during their mother’s memorial.

But within four days, her sister, Heidi Hussli, a beloved teacher at Bay Port High School developed symptoms and a really bad cough. They were symptoms from which she would never recover.

“After three days of that,” Heidi Hussli shared while choking back tears. “It was so bad, she had to go to the hospital. She really didn’t want to. She said if she went, she would never come home.”

Hussli then recalled how they had to say their goodbyes over the phone and by way of an I-pad because they themselves, were positive for Covid-19.

She shared how nurses were there to hold her sister’s hand and how she was grateful for the chance to tell her she loved her and that they would take care of her son.

Hussli says a three day celebration of her sister’s life at Bay Port High School was a welcome show of support.

“It was so perfect,” Hussli explained. “We got to know Heidi on a different level.”

Hussli still has headaches and has not gotten back her usual sense of smell.

She says she spoke out to ask folks to “choose survival over tradition” this year when it comes to gathering with people.

“I want everybody to wear a mask,” Hussli said as the zoom call was coming to an end. She noted that she’ll never get to celebrate the holidays with her sister again.

Hussli participated in the weekly, online series called “Faces of Covid” which is hosted by local medical health workers.

The series attempts to bring home the seriousness of the illness for those who might have been personally impacted by the virus, but who can play a role in prevent its spread.

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