Skaliwags Working its Way into Green Bay

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What a difference a block makes.
One second, you have got storefronts, and the next–vacancies.
And the solution is so simple.

“It’s just driving those people here, that foot-traffic that really supports those bars, those restaurants, and other small shops,” said Kevin Vonck, Green Bay’s development director.

The Adams Street renaissance is upon us.
And it might become your favorite area in town soon enough.

“The Adams Street Pub–Skaliwags is now looking into moving into that facility,” he said. “They’ve got a great following. Starting out in Algoma, then what they’ve done in the Howard, Suamico area, it’ll be great to have them here in downtown Green Bay.”

One business in, but that is not enough.
It was too little, too late for some places.

“I think that area is a little bit tough to get to in terms of a corner of downtown, but with the Northland opening, you’ll see a lot more movement in there,” said Vonck.

Hotel Northland is apparently the straw that stirs the drink.
The staff knows this and they are ready for a grand opening in February.

“Furniture will be here next week,” said John D. Williams, the general manager of Hotel Northland. “I anticipate Monday morning, so the opening date will get here before you know it.”

Nobody is worried about history repeating itself here.
Ironically, history is the reason why.

“Typically, with hotels like this that sit dormant for a long time, the neighborhood just springs up right around them,” he said.

The hotel opens with a new restaurant, too, called the Walnut Room.
It is fine dining with a more casual twist.

“It’s not intended to be an overpriced, snooty hotel restaurant,” said Williams. “It’s going to have warm, inviting service, great food, and is priced so the people of Green Bay can afford to eat there. ‘Even me?’ Even you.”

There are a few new housing projects in the works for both sides of the river downtown.
One coming near the rail yard, and the other right there on Adams Street.

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