PICKEREL, Wis. (WFRV) – No, that is not a homemade boat trying to cross open water on a frozen lake, rather it is snowmobilers trying to skip their sled across Pickerel Lake during a yearly event that attracts thousands.

The yearly event was held on Saturday, Feb. 12, at Pickerel Lake. The event is called Jerry Schuh’s Polar Bear Jump In.

One Brown County resident who attended the event says it is quite a scene, as what he guessed were thousands of people who gathered to watch riders try to skip their snowmobile across open water.

He tells Local 5 that his favorite part is crossing over the water successfully. This year was the first time he ended up in the water thanks in part to a belt malfunction.

What was that feeling like? “At first yes it made me kind of gasp, but I slowed down my breathing and after five seconds, I was totally fine,” said the Brown County resident. This was his fourth year going, and even though he ended up in the water, he doesn’t plan on missing the event going forward.

Snowmobilers who tried to cross the water had varying levels of success. With some even having their sled get submerged. One rider was bucked off his snowmobile as he just crossed the water.

Snowmobile Wisconsin TV provided Local 5 with video that even showed two people on one snowmobile who tried to make it over the water. Let’s just say they ended up joining the fish for a minute or two.

The Antigo/Langlade County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center had the event on their calendar and this year’s event started at 1 p.m. Langlade County also had other events throughout the day.

The Pickerel Rescue Squad’s Annual Pancake Breakfast was in the morning, followed by the Jump In, and concluded with dinner at the Tombstone Pickerel Sno Club Ride In.