GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – In order to assist veterans at the Veterans Manor, the Green Bay Metro Fire Department Benevolent Association purchased Smart Burners, a product aimed at reducing the chance of having a cooking fire.

The Smart Burner was installed into eight stoves at the Veterans Manor Apartments, located at 2900 St. Anthony Drive in the City of Green Bay.

Officials describe the Smart Burner as a product that can turn any electric coil stove into a “fire-safe” appliance. The main concept behind the product is that it will shut off power to the burner when it reaches 662°, which is more than hot enough to cook food.

Many cooking fires are started when combustibles are placed too close to the stovetop. or when someone leaves something unattended on the stove.

When the Smart Burner shuts the burner off at 662°, common items that may be too close to a stovetop, such as cotton and paper, will not ignite even when placed directly on the burner plate when the burner is set on high.

The burner also shuts off well before the ignition temperatures of cooking grease. The temperature of the burner plate is constantly monitored, and when it falls below 662°, power is then restored to the burner.

Mason Manor, a 152-unit apartment building overseen by the Green Bay Housing Authority, had every apartment retrofitted with Smart Burners in 2012. They have not had a cooking fire since the installation.

Annually, cooking is responsible for more than 158,400 home fires, 470 deaths, 4,150 injuries, and nearly one billion dollars in damages. The National Fire Protection Association also reports that 53% of all cooking fires start on the stovetop.