APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The city of Appleton was the talk of the show during Wisconsin native and Hollywood elite Willem Dafoe’s Saturday Night Live debut.

Willem Dafoe, who starred in the original Spiderman movies as the villainous Green Goblin, kicked off his first appearance on the hit show with an opening monologue sharing his excitement in returning to New York, where his career as an actor began.

During the monologue, Dafoe, who was born and raised in Appleton, was preparing to transition to talk about his childhood in the Badger state when an Appleton couple, played by Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day, interrupted the Hollywood star.

With thick Wisconsin accents, both Day and Bryant proudly told Dafoe that they too were from his hometown.

“You’re never going to believe this but we’re from Appleton, Wisconsin, too,” said Bryant.

Dafoe proceeded to ask the couple if they were there to support one of their own to which they sheepishly recanted by saying ‘no,’ they were only there because they won tickets from the lottery.

And winning lottery tickets in Wisconsin is no far-fetched statement. To date, Wisconsin has reportedly had 19 jackpot winners. That is the fourth-most in the country behind only Minnesota, Missouri, and Indiana.

The couple eventually went on to tell Dafoe how proud the Appleton community was of him noting that they just wished Dafoe still had his Wisconsin accent.

“Well, Appleton is just so proud of ya,” said Bryant.

“We just wish you still had your Wisconsin accent,” added Day.

To this, Dafoe responded by saying, “I can still speak Wisconsin… Hey, you guys. Let’s go down to Krambo’s and get a drink from The Bubbler!”

Elated by Dafoe’s recollection of the old, popular Wisconsin chain and his referral to public drinking stations as bubblers, Bryant exclaimed, “He’s still got it.”

Dafoe was joined for Saturday’s episode by musical guest Katy Perry. Check out his opening monologue in full here.