Snow causes two De Pere schools to close their gyms

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During one of the first gym classes of the day, teachers noticed something off.
The curtains dividing the gym were sitting a few inches lower than they should have been.

Students were removed from the gym, though remained in school.
The situation at De Pere High School also prompted a closure of Foxview Intermediate School’s gym, as well, over fears of similar weight on the roof.

This is hurting sports, too, with arrangements being made for teams to practice in other facilities while this is going on.
But for today, baseball, tennis and soccer teams used the school commons, stairwells and hallways for conditioning.

Contractors will get rid of the snow over the next day or so, with a structural engineer visiting both schools to determine if there is any damage to the buildings.

“Their role is to determine whether some of the sagging in the roof is natural,” said Ben Villarruel, superintendent of the De Pere school district.

“These roofs are designed to ‘deflect’,” he said. “But we have to determine whether the deflection is within the normal calculation that it is was built for.”

Villarruel says there are no concerns about other sections of the roof at the schools, and the closures are simply a precaution.
He expects both gyms–depending on what the engineer finds–to be open within the next week.

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